My Short Notes on NSX Part-1

Hi Guys,

I am back again with my NSX studies and I will share my short notes here, which will have no format but I believe this will help you.

What is an SDDC? 
# A DC platform that can be dynamically configured to meet the needs of any and all application workloads, all operating at a peak level of efficiency and automation.
# All infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service, and the control of this DC is entirely automated by software.
#  This solves the problem of services provisioning, maybe from 8-10 weeks to 30 mins and including firewall & Load Balancer etc…with 1 week around.
# Virtualize scale-up and scale-out application.
#  Zero downtime live migration over distance & cross boundaries.
#  Continuous availability for the production of virtual machines.
#  SDDC can be programmatically provisioned.
#  SDDC consists of three components majorly i.e Network, Storage & Compute to host the business-critical application.
#  SDDC vision is one cloud any application.
#  It provides Software-Defined Agility, seamless Hybridity, and intrinsic Security.
#  Also, other benefits of SDDC is because of server virtualization application are no longer tied with a single server or single geography. It reduces Capital and Operational Expenses.


VMware & SDDC
# vSphere is the foundation of the VMware SDDC.
# Managing vSphere infra is done by the vCenter.
# VMware offers below products for SDDC:
1) vSphere is a hypervisor platform.
2) NSX for Network
3) vSAN for Storage
4) vRealize Suite for Monitoring and Automation
5) vCloud Suite is a single package offering by VMware for vSphere Hypervisor and vRealize Suite.
6) VMware Could Foundation is an integrated software platform for both the private & public cloud environment.
7) VMware Cloud on AWS is a VMware Cloud Foundation Offering designed for AWS.
# NSX is an offering from VMware for the Network component of SDDC(Software-Defined Data Center).
# On top of the underlying physical infrastructure NSX build the overlay infrastructure without impacting anything in the physical infrastructure.

Architect/Consultant in IT/Telecom/Networking Support Industry with over 13+ years of Experience. Mainly working with Cisco Products other than Cisco worked with VMware NSX/Juniper/Riverbed/Meraki & Citrix Products, and worked with various clients like PSU Banks, Petroleum Corporations, different government sector clients, BPO Sector, Telecom NOC and ISP. Global Certifications: VMware vSphere Foundation 6 CCNA Routing & Switching CCNP Routing & Switching ITIL V3 Foundation RTSA-W RTSS-W RSA RTSA-NPM RTSS-NPM Aspiring Certifications: VCP-NV

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