International/Domestic Travel Checklist(Business/Personal)

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How are you all? I’m back with my Travel Blog again, but today it is not about any place rather it is about getting prepared for travel. It is about a travel checklist, which is the most critical thing about any travel.

Now, when we travel, we always miss some other things and at times regret it during our stay at the travel destination. Also, if we miss something very important to pack, then we might end up spending extra dollars from our hard-earned money or will suffer throughout the travel, which may spoil our most precious/exotic/romantic travel. To overcome this I am sharing my travel checklist which I am following for years now, and this may not be complete for you but definitely would be a good start and then you can develop/modify further as per your need.

The travel checklist for International and Domestic travel both look similar but the International checklist is more exhaustive because of some additional checks.

The first thing I believe is Medical Kit, if you have a kid then do not forget to take Pediatric Medicine as well. The below medical list may not be sufficient for someone who has some chronic diseases like BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Heart disease, etc. but these are general medicines which everyone should carry.

  1. Fever Medicine
  2. Stomach upset Medicine
  3. Cold & Cough Medicine
  4. Regular Life Saving Medicines like BP, Sugar or Cholesterol, etc.( In case you have any as mentioned above)
  5. Headache Balm(for external use) / Medicine.
  6. Gas & Acidity Medicine
  7. Thermometer
  8. Band-aid
  9. Anti-septic Lotion like Dettol/Savlon
  10. Cotton Pad
  11. Vitamin C Tab/Supplement(My Favorite), to save yourself from catching a cold.

And remember if you are traveling international then get the aforesaid thing prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner, as many countries do not allow medicated drugs unless you have a doctor’s advice.

Now, coming to your personal grooming Kit. The below may work for you if you are a Man, a Woman might have a laundry list but I am little unaware of that ­čÖé

  1. Comb
  2. Hair Oil(Optional if you use)
  3. Hair Shampoo & Conditioner
  4. Hair Gel(if you use)
  5. Shaving Kit like Razor, Shaving Gel/Foam (Generally good Hotels provide that but quality compromised even in 5 stars, or you might be allergic to some product) and Shaving Brush, aftershave gel(seen in a very few hotels as complimentary)
  6. Toothbrush & Toothpaste(Generally good Hotels provide that but again not sure about quality compromised or suits us or not), and Tongue Cleaner(Generally hotels do not provide) and finally Mouthwash(I have seen only Five Star onward provide the same). Also, if you have a habit of using floss then you should carry the same.
  7. Sunscreen Lotion(If you are going to a beach vacation then try SPF30+)
  8. Body Deodorizer
  9. Body Soap(You will get it complimentary in the hotels but as mentioned earlier it is better to carry own)
  10. Face Wash

General Things to carry:

  1. Umbrella/Rain Coat
  2. Needle & Thread(Optional)
  3. Shoe Cleaner
  4. Mobile & Laptop Charger
  5. Power Bank
  6. Power Adapter and Converter(Converter needed in International Travel Generally)
  7. Camera & accessories
  8. Slippers & Sneakers
  9. Head Phone
  10. Debit/Credit Card(Enable Internation Transaction if traveling abroad)

Travel Kit:

  1. Ticket Print(Train/Plane/Bus)
  2. Identity Proof
  3. Forex(Only for International)
  4. Invitation Letter(International Business Travel)
  5. Travel Agenda(International Business Travel)
  6. Passport with a copy(Mandatory for International Travel), do not forget to have an online softcopy
  7. Visa with a copy of it(Different in case of Visa on Arrival), do not forget to have an online softcopy if you received prior and if Visa on Arrival then once you get the visa just take a snap and store it in the cloud.
  8. Travel Insurance(Mandatory for International Travel)
  9. Laptop Authorisation(International Business Travel)
  10. International Roaming/Matrix SIM
  11. Hotel Booking Confirmation, it is always better to pre-book the hotel whether international/domestic and in few countries, it is mandatory to have hotel pre-booked or a certain amount of currency with you for getting the visa.

I hope, this will help you with your next travel as a travel checklist.

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All the best Guys.



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