Things to remember/Experience for first-time Air Travel(Domestic/International)

Hey Guys, Good Morning…. How are you all? I hope all well. I am back with my new blog on the topic of first-time travel via Airplane. This was questioned to me numerous times by many of my friends on Instagram/YouTube etc.. Buddy what are the things to keep in mind if I am flying for the first time and the answer is little different for Domestic and International. I will be sharing the stepwise process, and necessary points to keep in mind if you are traveling for the first time but keep in mind that I will be doing this from my experiences majorly in Indian Airports, it might be a little different in other countries and why I am telling that because I felt the process is little different in San Francisco Airport but yes 70-80% will be common in most of the places. Now enough of preface, let start with the flow. The first thing first is

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International/Domestic Travel Checklist(Business/Personal)

Good Morning Guys, How are you all? I’m back with my Travel Blog again, but today it is not about any place rather it is about getting prepared for travel. It is about a travel checklist, which is the most critical thing about any travel. Now, when we travel, we always miss some other things and at times regret it during our stay at the travel destination. Also, if we miss something very important to pack, then we might end up spending extra dollars from our hard-earned money or will suffer throughout the travel, which may spoil our most precious/exotic/romantic travel. To overcome this I am sharing my travel checklist which I am following for years now, and this may not be complete for you but definitely would be a good start and then you can develop/modify further as per your need. The travel checklist for International and Domestic travel both look similar but the International checklist is more exhaustive

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