VMware NSX Study- Day 2

Hi Guys, This is Maddy back again. I hope you enjoyed my last blog on Vmware NSX Day 1 study materials. Today, I am here with the second part of the study materials and there will be three blogs on Study Materials. First, one you already read, the second one you are reading now 🙂 and in the third one, there will be a link to different study materials, nuggets, and blogs etc. So, you can consider these three blogs are a consolidation of different NSX study materials, which I have used or using till today. When I started studying Vmware NSX, I realized that being a Network Engineer, I only have networking knowledge. There was a bigger part, which was missing for me is “Virtualization“. So, today’s blog is entirely based on Vmware vSphere, which is one of the major components to understand, if you want to understand Vmware NSX better. No virtualization means, no Network Virtualization as well

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VMware NSX Study – Day 1

Hi Guys, I am back with a new blog post on NSX. Not sure, if you have liked my last blog about NSX Components but I am just sharing my journey towards VMware NSX. When I get my first project in NSX, I did not have any knowledge of NSX. I have been given a very stringent timeline to deliver the project. So, the day I received my first project, I first created a resource list that can help me in understanding the NSX. Though I have not completed the entire resources which I accumulated I studied the basics which were unavoidable to work in NSX 🙂 Here, I am sharing my resource list with you which might help you guys in your NSX Journey. Very Obviously, I first searched the OEM i.e Vmware Knowledge Base and trust me, I found a lot of great documentation and guide books in the Vmware website for NSX. You can check below URL:

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VMware NSX Component

What are the different VMware NSX components, is the very known question when you are attending a VMware NSX administrator Interview. So, here you go with the answer…. An image sourced from VMware Website NSX Manager – NSX Manager is used for managing the NSX environment through GUI/Rest API. According to VMware definition:  The NSX Manager provides the graphical user interface (GUI) and the REST APIs for creating, configuring, and monitoring NSX components, such as controllers, logical switches, and edge services gateways. The NSX Manager provides an aggregated system view and is the centralized network management component of NSX. NSX Controller – NSX Controller/Control Cluster is the control plane devices, which helps to manage the VTEP/ARP & MAC table. So, all the communications within the NSX environment are happening under the control of the control cluster. According to VMware definition:  NSX controller is an advanced distributed state management system that controls virtual networks and overlay transport tunnels. NSX controller is

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